Dr. Arun Garg is the director of neurology at Medanta. His vision is to develop “Brain rescue” programme for immediate and long term management of individuals with stroke, covering the entire north India with an epicentre at Medanta; The first of its kind in India which matches international health care standards.

He has developed a three tier system in north India, where primary and secondary brain rescue centres are connected to hub hospital, Medanta-The Medicity, Gurgaon through network of ambulances and telemedicine.

He has pioneered the role of thrombolysis in Acute Stroke in this part of the country. His passion for stroke has taken him to University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS), Massachusetts, USA and he has tied up with them for stroke prevention / education / treatment / rehabilitation/ latest research. Apart from the acute management of stroke, he also has a keen interest in post- stroke neuro-rehabilitation with the input from a multidisciplinary team; a service fully functional at Medanta.

He is also the organiser and concept designer of “Essentials of Acute Stroke Treatment (EAST)”, a training course related to management of acute stroke, aimed for physicians and health care providers at primary and secondary level hospitals.

He also likes to take challenges and enjoys solving undiagnosed neurological disorders. He runs a multidisciplinary clinic "The last hope" for those who are suffering from such neurological disorders and have lost hope.

He has published in many national and international journals and has a keen interest in teaching. He earlier has developed Neurology services at Max Hospital, Delhi.

To refer to patients to Dr. Arun Garg: Please write to arun.garg@medanta.org or Phone. 91 9810442884.
For appointment please call +918800152376 (working days 10 am to 6 pm).


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